Gareth Richmond, on Twitter.

“I haven’t been engaged in such a glorious book in so long. Beautifully written, it felt like being on your journey with you. A truly inspirational read. I look up to you with such admiration. 

When life gives you lemons.”


Paddy Tyson, Editor – Overland


"By the time he reaches Turkey, and certainly Iran, …his heart, attitude and mind is opening, and his ability to engage people in conversation is admirable”.  

“… it’s a story of change, loss and very new love, from a man who learns how to smile”. 

“… incredible outcome”.

“Rebirth is well written and flows nicely”.


Leigh Wilkins, Editor – Traverse


“Mark discovers a love for others, … and love of a very special kind”

“… a unique story offering a different perspective to motorcycle travel”