Seven Amazon websites worldwide now offer my book via their “print-on-demand” service. Find it by using the search term “Rebirth Mark Holmes” on Amazon in USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

In fact I have published two versions in paperback. The version with a photograph of me on the cover at Uluru/Ayres Rock has 30 black and white photographs inside.

The other version, more expensive, has a rear view of me in New Zealand on the cover, and 30 colour photographs inside.

The title and text are identical.

There are also e-versions on Amazon Kindle and Kobo.


“Rebirth” is the story of my very personal journey around the world. After losing so much of the life I cherished I set off with an open heart to ride around the world on the world’s largest motorcycle. My journey became a story about positivity, passions, grief, love, removing obstacles, solving problems, and engaging with people.

I hope that readers will be encouraged to seek their own adventure and tackle life’s challenges, whilst at the same time learning how I turned heartbreak to happiness once more.