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In print around the world

I feel humble, grateful and proud every time a magazine publishes something about my story. There’s always a big smile on my face too.

It was THE ROAD, edited by Ian Mutch, and published by Motorcycle Action Group who put this picture on the front cover when I set off from the UK in April 2017.


In July 2019, when the dust had settled on my journey, they covered me again in their first ever “Romance” section. Dalila and I were thrilled with the article.

Overland Magazine, published and edited by Paddy Tyson, covered my adventure through Iran in Issue 22.

Here I am sitting comfortably on the Silk Road where it runs through the centre of the bazaar in Tabriz.


BIKE, Britain’s biggest selling bike magazine, covered my “Triumph over adversity” in January 2019. The Adventure section is edited by Lois Pryce, whose travels and writing have been an inspiration to me. She asked some particularly searching questions which brought the article to life.


Not just motorcycle magazines. There’s a beautiful publication called REVOLUTION, edited by Keith W. Strandberg, covering the exotic world of watches, celebrating the craft, culture and joy of watches and watchmaking through a dozen international editions and its website:

Keith asked some great questions too.