Part 2 of 3

Whether you joined me on my journey around the world for Triumph Motorcycles, Chelsea Football Club / the glorious game, the Ted Simon Foundation, The Royal Geographical Society, or because we are old friends, then I would like you to find a quiet corner, and read on.

Here’s my plea: PLEASE STOP SMOKING. If you don’t smoke (well done), please help someone you love to stop.

I can already hear you saying, you’ve tried before and it’s difficult. You’re an addict. You need nicotine to relax (ever wondered how non-smokers are so relaxed?). You don’t smoke much anyway - not enough to harm you. You only smoke socially (why bother if you don’t smoke the rest of the day?). You are young and invincible. You enjoy smoking; why should you give up something you like? You know someone who smoked all their life and they are still healthy at Ninety. (don’t forget all those you know who didn’t make it that far). 

I’ve heard all the excuses you’ve given. You might even believe them. But here’s some facts, not my opinion, but facts. 

Top 5 diseases caused by smoking:

1.    Lung cancer. More people die from lung cancer than any other type of cancer. Cigarette smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths.

2.    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It makes it hard to breathe, causing long term disability and early death. About 80% of cases are caused by cigarette smoking.

3.    Heart Disease. Smoking harms nearly every organ in your body, including your heart. Heart disease causes more deaths in the UK (and elsewhere) than any other disease.

4.    Stroke. Smoking affects your arteries and can trigger a stroke.

5.    Asthma. Smoking irritates air passages and can trigger severe asthma attacks.

Those are some of the direct causes. Add to that the fact that for every directly attributable death, then are twenty more people suffering from a smoking related disease.

Action please…… Here’s what I would like you to do.

Get motivated to try and stop smoking. If you knew Sue and loved her, then draw extra strength from her.

If you don’t smoke / already given up, think of someone you love, and help them succeed. It won't be easy.

When you are sure you have succeeded, here’s the really important part, tell me. With your permission, let’s shout about it. Let’s drive everyone crazy until we have succeeded in helping someone else to stop. And so on. Let’s call it Pyramid Stop Smoking. Each success leads to more successes. Don’t forget to tell me every time. 

I not only implore you to stop smoking, but have more to ask of you too. Please read Part 3 to follow.


Please stop smoking

Please stop smoking